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Swedish Harbours blocking Israeli goods

The harbour of Gothenburg @Hamnarbetareförbundet

By Marina Ferhatovic

For a week now, the harbours in Sweden, have been leaving the goods on ships to and from Israel untouched.

– It is a way for us dock-workers to take a stand, even if it is in a very small way, against the blockade of Gaza and for an independent, international investigation of the Israeli boarding of the Freedom Flotilla, says Erik Helgeson, the trustee of the Swedish Dockworkers Union in Gothenburg to Swedish Television.

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A Lebanese Flotilla is ready to reach Gaza

Julia is one of the ships that will try to sail to Gaza - Source:

Julia is one of the ships that will try to sail to Gaza

By Alessandro Di Maio

Almost a month later after the Flotilla incident that caused the death of 9 Turkish activists and diplomatic tensions between Israel and Turkey, a new flotilla could sail on the water of the Mediterranean Sea to break the Israeli naval block on the Gaza Strip. Continue reading


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Dear French national team: We will never forgive you!

French trainer Raymond Domenech showing national shirt

By Elif Kayi

OPINION. France never really was a soccer nation. Not that they always had poor players or that they never managed good performances on the field. But if one considers soccer also from a socio-cultural point of view, the French never showed a particular enthusiasm for what one usually calls “the round ball”. For decades France figured as a kind of strange animal at the core of a European tradition, which had integrated the culture of penalties and corners into its history long ago.

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Slideshow: Romanians fail to stop “social genocide”

Protesters fainted during protests @EMAJMagazine

By Luciana Grosu

20,000 angry Romanians surrounding the parliament building in Bucharest were not enough to stop the government’s new financial plan which is described by the opposition as “social genocide”. Continue reading

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EMAJ reporter awarded with Freedom of Speech Prize

Elif Kayi (to the left) together with award winners from Chad and France. @EMAJMagazine

By Marina Ferhatovic

The biggest challenge for a today’s journalist is first of all to survive“, says Elif Kayi, a journalist from France and a part of the editorial team of EMAJMagazine, who received a Freedom of Speech Prize, awarded by the French press club of Marseille. EMAJMagazine caught up with this young journalist on the go, to get to know more about the award winning story, her impressions and the challenges of journalism.

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Award winning story: Not every Turk is born a soldier*

By Elif Kayi

Turkey. In this country, forged, nurtured and closely watched by the military, it is a crime to refuse one’s military service. Despite that fact, hundreds of thousands avoid it.

*awarded with the Freedom of Speech Prize, Marseille 2010

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Lebanon’s security dilemma: An issue related only to Israel and Hezbollah?

Hezbollah soldiers @Flickr

By Gülsen Devre

OPINION.  LEBANON. “We will return Syria to the Stone Age by crippling its power stations, ports, fuel storages and every bit of strategic infrastructure if Hezbollah dares to launch ballistic missiles against us,” an Israeli minister, who remained anonymous, was quoted in the Lebanese Daily Star website recently. These threats came after American and Israeli allegations over scud missiles that were said to be smuggled into Lebanon through the Syrian border. Syria has denied these accusations, while Hezbollah prefers to remain silent on the issue until today, as “these are internal matters”.

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