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“They prefer Christian construction workers”: A trip with a Bulgarian immigrant

The trip started from Sofia

By Adi Halfon

The distance between Sofia and Berlin is enough to learn many political, religious and social lessons from a Bulgarian worker on his way from his homeland to a construction site in Hamburg.

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Yemeni journalist reports on the Middle East for Danish public


By Axel Andén

PORTRAIT. When Hana Al-Khamri discussed the future with her childhood friends, she listened, with growing irritation, how one by one explained that they do not need to study because they would get married. Finally she stood up and gave a little speech.

– I concluded by saying “I will not get married, and you will know who I am.”

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Follow EMAJ to the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum

EMAJ representation at the Rio Forum, the dream team consisting of Pawel Krzysiek, Krisztian Gál and Letizia Gambini. @EMAJ Magazine

By Krisztian Gal

PERSONAL REPORT FROM RIO. First of all it was both an incredible opportunity and a privilege to represent EMAJ at the Alliance of Civilizations Forum as a delegate of the European Youth Forum (EYF) in Brazil. I was not alone regarding EMAJ, since Letizia Gambini was there also as a delegate of EYF, so as Pawel Krzysiek who was invited to attend the Marketplace of Ideas. Thus EMAJ was the most represented organization in this cross-cultural environment. Continue reading

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„Més que un club” – 15th anniversary of the Barcelona process

Toledo, the multicultural capital of ancient Spain @Kitekintö

By Krisztian Gal

BACKGROUND. The Barcelona process has its 15th birthday this year, which has involved more and more countries throughout the years. The core idea of the Euro-Mediterranean relations began with signing the funding document during the Spanish Presidency in 1995. Among the goals were the creation of a weapons of mass destruction and other chemical weapons free zone, a joint water policy, a free trade zone in 2010 and also the fight against deforestation and desertification.

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Testimony of a Lifeguard: Lebanon, a racist country

Different Tongues, One Racism @Facebook group: ALL LEBANESE

By Assaad Thebian

OPINION. Lebanon, a racist country? This title might not be accepted by a vast number among the Lebanese population, who think that it is the land of forgiveness and in which Jesus Christ did his first miracle (Qana, south of Lebanon). But let us face it: Check the last two or three weeks news and you will totally understand what I am talking about. Continue reading


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14 Voices You need to hear before judging French ban on the Burqa

@Nasry Esmat

By Nasry Esmat and Elif Kayi

ROUND UP. The lower house of the French Parliament passed a ban on the so-called “full-face veil” (sometimes presented as “burqa”, “burqu” or “niqab” in the press ; please not that we will mainly use the word “burqu” in the text) last Tuesday. Diverse voices in France and the Muslim world had opposed or supported the decision even if many of them do not believe that face cover is a religious duty… And because EMAJ magazine strongly believes that one voice is not enough, here are extracts from 14 opinions published in 3 languages about this controversial decision.

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Dear Vuvus: We should not forget you!


By Elif Kayi

OPINION. After having spoken ill of the French and German national soccer teams in the past weeks, I find it hard not to close this World Cup without reporting on the winner. While I start these lines, the suspense is still at its highest. Who between Spain or the Netherlands is going to be the winner of the World Cup 2010? Anyway, when you read these lines, the whole world will already know… Continue reading


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