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The Holy Month as seen by a Secular Egyptian

why every single citzen stock up all sorts of food? @wikimedia

By Sonia Farid

Cairo, Egypt. The frenzy that precedes the advent of the holy month makes you think the country is on the brink of war and every single citizen needs to stock up on all kinds of foodstuffs before going down to the trench.

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Israel, legal limbo for 400 children of foreign workers

People protesting in Tel Aviv - Photo: Alessandro Di Maio

Report and photos by Alessandro Di Maio

Tel Aviv. For a few months now, Israeli public opinion has been divided on one of the most discussed issues in recent years — the future of 400 children that were born and bred in Israel and speak perfect Hebrew, but they are still not considered Israeli citizens.

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Italy: Ramadan purifies Sara’s life and helps her lose weight

Sara Idrissi @Eugenia Durante

By Eugenia Durante

Genoa, Italy. Sara Idrissi is a 20 years old young woman born in Italy to Moroccan parents. She received a full Islamic education and when I asked her if she had ever been subject of discrimination because of it, she quickly replied: “No”.

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Hospital fire kills five babies in Romania

an archive photo

Five babies died in a hospital fire in Romania this week while seven were badly injured due to lack of training of medical staff according to the fire fighting department in Bucharest.

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How “trendy” has become Ramadan?

Supermarket Géant Casino in French city of Arles @David de Grunelius

By Elif Kayi

France. With an estimated Muslim population of about 5 million – the figure is disputed but I will not discuss it in this article – together with hundred thousands of so-called French “black feet repatriated from North Africa in the 1960s, and who had previously become acquainted with the practice, the fasting period of Ramadan is no complete alien in the “country of Marianne”. Continue reading


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EMAJ reports on first Euro-Arab Youth Conference

The Euro-Arab Youth Conference

@Biljana Vukmirovic

By Alessandro Di Maio

Sicily, Italy. The first Euro-Arab youth conference opened last 26 July 2010, in southern Sicily with the presence of approximately 120 participants coming from over 65 European and Arab countries. The conference was organized by the Council of Europe and the League of Arab States, in close partnership with the Forum Nazionale Giovani, the European Youth Forum and the Tunisian Union of youth organizations. Continue reading

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How “Freaky” is Fasting Ramadan?

a mosque in city of Columbia, state of Missouri, USA @nasry esmat

By Nasry Esmat

USA. “Can’t you even drink water?” said one of my American friends with a surprised face, I replied with a smile: “No I can’t”. Another friend asked : “Is it ok for you to work while fasting?” I replied by saying : “Yes for sure, I am used to working during Ramadan” , all while in my mind I was wondering if my worst fears were coming true.

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