Ramadan Package .. Send Us Your Story

Moon crescent usually refers to Ramadan in the Muslim world as it marks the start of Islamic months

If you fast Ramadan or you don’t even have a clue what Ramadan means .. EMAJ Magazine decided to listen to Muslims living away from Muslim countries who are keen on fasting during Ramadan or those who decided not to fast in the heart of the Muslim world.

For the next 30 days we will publish stories from different places around the world focusing mainly on how Muslims adapt to Ramadan’s fasting requirements and what customs and traditions are related to their practice.

Contributing to this package won’t be exclusive to the EMAJ network members but it will be every young journalist’s opportunity to tell us stories from his or her community.

If you have a story about Ramadan or you can take photos related to the Islamic holy month or if you have an opinion with or against please share it with us after reading our ethical code .. send your contributions to emajmagazine@gmail.com to find it published alongside your name

Let’s start a dialogue.


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