Up and close with Ali Gohine, Egyptian winner of Anna Lindh Journalism Award: The dark side of illegal migration

Ali Gohine @private

By Hanan Solayman

After the Egyptian blogger Dalia Ziada, EMAJ Magazine introduces you the Egyptian journalist Ali Gohine, winner of the 2010 edition of the ‘Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award’ in the Audiovisual Category for his piece for ‘Illegal Migration’, which was broadcasted on Nile Television Network.

With a poet’s touch and passion for TV journalism, Ali Gohine managed to reflect feelings of frustration, dismay and rejection that hundreds of Egyptian young men carry in their hearts and minds while they take off on small boats sailing in the Mediterranean looking for new lands, new lives, hopefully better but not necessarily, in Europe.

This is the documentary for which Egyptian Ali Gohine, producer in Nile News channel, received the 2010 Anna Lindh Journalism Award for the audiovisual category. Gohine, 35 years old, was both the scriptwriter and producer of the 30 minutes-documentary “The Road to the Unknown” (el-Tariq lel Maghol) about illegal migration, focusing on Italy, which was produced by the Egyptian news channel in Arabic in 2009.

The subject was really tough for a documentary. Despite its importance and the problems it creates for North Africa and South Europe, I couldn’t find any related visual archive in Egypt which meant that it would require a lot of hard work“, Gohine said.

Speaking about illegal migration in Egypt is not something new. You can easily find hundreds of articles in the print press on the issue. But what about TV? That was something new.

Seven months of hard work led Gohine to meet victims of illegal migration who were deported to Egypt, brokers who facilitated the process, official statistics from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and video files of arrests of illegal migrants carrying fake passports and visas, digging deep into the reasons behind taking this adventure which usually has an unhappy ending. The documentary was filmed between the governorates of Cairo, Sharqiya and Fayoum.

I’m really happy for receiving this award after competing with 160 applicants in the audiovisual category. I was sad that my documentary couldn’t catch the Arab Media Festival in 2009 but now I am not only recognized on a regional level but also internationally“, Gohine added.

Gohine was born in Sohag, Upper Egypt, to a big family of one daughter and seven sons (including him). He studied public relations and advertisement and graduated from the faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo university in 1998 then took TV courses and started working as a producer in 1999. He also writes poetry, novels and scripts for TV series.


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