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Morocco Forbids Spanish Journalists’ Entry

By Cristina Rojo

SPAIN. “¿Journalist?, you are not allowed in. We have restrictions until new order”. This is how one Spanish journalist tells about his latest visit to the Spanish border with Morocco, in the neighbouring city of Ceuta. It’s been about a week now since the Moroccan officials at the border started interrupting the entry of Spanish journalists to Morocco, arguing that they have “orders to do so” from Rabat, as local daily Ceuta al día states.

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Alexandria Inspires Young Swedish and Arab Leaders

The Participants in YLVP @SI

By Ahmed Esmat

26 young leaders from Sweden and the Arab World participated in a fruitful dialogue hosted by the Library of Alexandria and the Swedish Institute in Egypt’s.

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Videos..How Sexist, Stupid or Racist Political Ads Can be?

photo capture from voting is a pleasure video @emaj

By Cristina Rojo and Nasry Esmat

Can voting be a sexual pleasure? an injection in a patient’s butt? Or a race between religious minority and a senior citizen? .. watch  videos from Spain, Egypt and Sweden and tell us what you think.

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Get a glimpse of Social Media Café in Cairo



CAIRO. The third Social Media Café, held in Cairo, went beyond organiserss expectations.

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Cyber Hajj Season Begins in Second Life

The Holy Mosque in Second Life

By Hanan Solayman

Getting ready for the Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) season, a virtual training program was launched on, the virtual reality website, to teach Muslims and non Muslims Hajj rituals on a online island.

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Mapping the sexual harassment in Egypt

By Marina Ferhatovic

EGYPT. Catcalls, whistling sounds, verbal harassment or even stalking and groping… Women on the streets of Cairo have to deal with many different forms of sexual harassment on daily basis. Engy Ghozlan, co-founder of wants to be part of the solution:

“In a country like Egypt, with all its history and culture, women should not have to put up with this. We want our Egypt back. ” Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment Tops Cairo’s Social Media Cafe Agenda


By Nasry Esmat

More than 120 Young Egyptians are expected to gather in Cairo next Friday to celebrate the launch of the third social media café in the Arab World and to take a clear stance against sexual harassment.

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