Videos..How Sexist, Stupid or Racist Political Ads Can be?

photo capture from voting is a pleasure video @emaj

By Cristina Rojo and Nasry Esmat

Can voting be a sexual pleasure? an injection in a patient’s butt? Or a race between religious minority and a senior citizen? .. watch  videos from Spain, Egypt and Sweden and tell us what you think.

1-  Voting is a pleasure (Spain)

Spanish youngest branch of the socialist political party in Catalunya, JSC, is heating up the regional election atmosphere with a provocative video that compares voting with orgasm.

The video, shared on youtube through the young socialists website shows a woman having an orgasm while voting socialist. This the centre of a campaign aimed to get the vote from the youth for the socialist candidate to Catalonian parliament, Jose Montilla. ‘Voting is a pleasure’ is the message highlighted on the video,  that has been followed by a wide controversy across the country.

Right-wing candidate to the elections, Alicia Sanchez-Camacho, from Partido Popular Catalan, says that this ad is a “threat against women´s dignity”. In the other hand, the president of the National Congress of Equality for Women, Mercedes de la Merced, considered the video “aberrant”.

The elections of the Parliament of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, in Spain, will be held on 28th November 2010

2- The injection of Change (Egypt)

The Egyptian opposition Pary “Al-Wafd” launched a campaign urging Egyptians to vote for it in the parliamentary elections on 28th November 2010, the ad says “the injection of change can hurt but it will comfort you later, try the cure of Al-Wafd, good and justice to all Egyptians”.

By the word “change” the ad means change the dominance of the National Democratic Party over the parliament and the political life in Egypt.

Most Egyptians received the ad with resentment  and anger because an injection in the butt is widely used as a humorous expression showing the receiver as a helpless person.

Many viewers made fun of the ad by referring to its content and AL-Sayed Al-Badawi, Al-Wafd party president and a businessman owns Pharmaceutical companies.

Other viewers believed the ad aims to insult Egyptians wondering “why they didn’t show the patient receiving the injection in his arm?”.

3- All politics is about priorities

The Sweden democrats video that was launched last September created controversy too, it  says “ All politics is about priorities” showing a senior citizen racing hardly against a group of women wearing burqu which is worn by some Muslim women.

The ad asked the viewers to choose  pulling the break on immigrants or retired people.

Marina Ferhatovic contributed to this post

Do You think provocative ads are an effective tool to attract voters? Tell us what you think.

Use the comments section and send us ads of political campaigns you think are stupid, racist or sexist to publish them in our list.



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4 responses to “Videos..How Sexist, Stupid or Racist Political Ads Can be?

  1. this post is one of the best I have ever read, lets see watched,, good work 🙂

  2. Elif Kayi

    here, you have the spot of the Lebanese party CPL (the Christian opposition party). It’s in French and mens “Be beautiful and vote”. There were many reactions against it in the French press:

  3. Josep

    The answers to first video: and .
    Some others who used sex in their campaign in Catalonia:…/watch?v=ZxXWCQ734gE

  4. Marina

    Don’t mean to misrepresent Cataluña but Josep sent another link of political candidates using sex to get attention:

    watch to the end 🙂 warning: you might regret it!

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