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“Even my mom will demonstrate tomorrow”

@Women of Egypt Facebook group

By Marina Ferhatovic

It is not only men’s revolution, assures 25-year-old Dareen Khalifa, who has been demonstrating since day one.

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Photo Album: Egyptians Protest in New York to End Military Rule


By Nasry Esmat

About 1500 protesters,mostly Egyptian Americans, rallied in New York city on Saturday afternoon to show solidarity with protests in Egypt asking to bring down president Hosni Mubarak who has been in his position for 30 years.

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Latest photos from BBC Arabic : Egypt Uprising

BBC Arabic reporter

After blocking all sorts of communication by the Egyptian government on Friday including landline, cell phones, and Internet, some TV stations managed to get video reports from Cairo, here are some of the latest photos from these videos that were broadcast few minutes ago.

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Young Egyptian: “I am the only one online”


By Marina Ferhatovic

EGYPT. Phones and internet are down in Egypt. But Hossam, a young journalist from Cairo, has managed to connect through a proxy server and to answer some questions through the Facebook chat, shortly before the Friday prayer. Continue reading

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The Tunisian Online Revolution*

By Assaad Thebian

The article was previously published on

The “Jasmine Revolution” or “Cactus Revolution” (names of the ongoing Tunisian Revolution) crowns years of efforts by activists. These activists have used social media in order to get their voice out and show the people around the world what is happening in their “green” (Tunisia nickname) home. In May 2010, a huge campaign called “Free From 404” (Internet language for file not found) was carried out in Tunisia. Twitter hashtags, Facebook profile pictures, articles and videos were created to demonstrate the activists’ refusal of censorship. Continue reading


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Anti-Islam: New recipe of French right-wing


"Stop or more? You can choose: Vote!" Campaign poster of the Front National

By Elif Kayi

Since last weekend, the French far-right, anti-immigrant party, Front National, which had been founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, has a new president: The daughter of the founder, Marine Le Pen.

Jean-Yves Camus, political analyst at the Institute of International Relations and Strategy in Paris and expert in right-wing extremism, talked with EMAJ Magazine about the right-wing party and its attitude to Islam and Muslims in France. Continue reading

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Tunisian: “I can’t stop smiling”

By Marina Ferhatovic

TUNISIA. After weeks of protests and violent riots, hacker attacks and failed attempts to pacify the rage of the citizens, Tunisia has overturned a dictator – a turn of events that brings hope for change not only in Tunisia but also among fellow Arabs living under dictatorship. Today we offer you the point of view of Kacem Jlidi, a young activist from Tunisia who hopes that his country will become the first true democracy in the MENA-region.

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