Latest photos from BBC Arabic : Egypt Uprising

BBC Arabic reporter

After blocking all sorts of communication by the Egyptian government on Friday including landline, cell phones, and Internet, some TV stations managed to get video reports from Cairo, here are some of the latest photos from these videos that were broadcast few minutes ago.

in the first photo, BBCarabic Correspondent after been beaten with blood covering his clothes and head injury

Photo number 2:

In city of Suez 250 KM eastern Cairo, The protesters managed in taking over some of police stations although they have been under attack for 3 consecutive days.


City of Suez Eastern Cairo

Photo number 3 :

One of the protesters holds one of his mates running away from the tear gas bombs that were used widely all over Egypt and specially in Cairo to avoid people from rallying.



Photo number 4:

Egyptian women took part in the protests by large numbers, some of them were wear Niqab (veil covering faces” while the majority were from diverse backgrounds

Egyptian Woman in Tahrir Square


Photo number 5:

As usual in the last 6 years, Egyptian police use thugs and informants to beat protesters to avoid being caught on TV while using aggressive ways to end peaceful protests, that approach was used many times including parliamentary elections and to harass female protesters, and in this photo couple of the thugs caught a protester, they took him to a police car in order to be detained in unknown place.

Another Photo from Tahrir Square

Photo number 6 :

Hundreds of protesters were attacked by security forces to avoid them from marching in Cairo down town, this spot is less than one kilometer from the National Ruling party headquarters and the National TV and Radio Union headquarters.

Cairo down Town close to Kasr Nile Bridge


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One response to “Latest photos from BBC Arabic : Egypt Uprising

  1. Maha Abdel Hady

    I am an Egyptian Mother who is seeing on CNN her sons, daughters, relatives and friends being killed in Tahrir Square in Cairo.
    The CNN have announced and showed that Egyptians are being killed by weapons & bombs made in the USA!!!!
    They also announced that the US Military Aid to Egypt is $1.3 Billion annually!!!!
    I want the BBC to connect me with a lawyer in London to file a law case against Obama’s Regime who is killing innocents & civilians.
    1. Obama’s Regime is giving money to Dictators to kill their own people and keep them quiet to protect their interests in the Middle East.
    2. When they give this money, there must be a very good relation between the 2 countries Ministers of Defence. The US Minister can NOT call and stop his friend from using it against people.
    3. The footage (PROOF) is at the CNN and the whole world have seen it.
    4. The US regime has been CLOSE FRIEND with Mubarak and did not know with all their “CIA” – “FBI” and power to know he is a dictator????
    5. They know this very well and they help him to keep his nation quiet with NO protests.
    6. Why is the world accusing Mubarak and not accusing US Regime who is doing this with all Arab countries and than they talk about DEMOCRACY???????
    7. We need to show the world WHO IS TO BE ACCUSED!!!!!


    Thanks & Regards,

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