Photo Album: Egyptians Protest in New York to End Military Rule


By Nasry Esmat

About 1500 protesters,mostly Egyptian Americans, rallied in New York city on Saturday afternoon to show solidarity with protests in Egypt asking to bring down president Hosni Mubarak who has been in his position for 30 years.

To check all photos click on this link :

The protesters who came from diverse back grounds, Americans, Tunisians, Moroccans and Philippians asked for freedom for Egyptians and urged United States Government and President Barak Obama to respect Egyptian people’s choices.

The group chanted against military rule in Egypt in relation to the appointment of Omar Soliman as a vice president to Mubarak on Satuday’s morning and the announcement of Ahmed Shafik as the new prime minister, both men had military background in addition to the president who is the the military ruler alongside his current position.

“Mubarak illegal, Soliman illegal, Shafeek illegal”, chanted the protesters.

The Egyptians in the protest distributed papers with their requests, they said in the written requests “Please continue coming to our protests to show solidarity with Egyptian people in their fight to regain their freedom and against torture and corruption”.

Some protesters wrote on their signs “we don’t want new government, we want new president”.

Last Friday, Mubarak announced his decision to form a new government after Egyptians protested all around the country asking him to step down.

The protesters asked American citizens to write to their elected officials urging them to respect people’s choices in Egypt, they believe that Soliman appointment as a vice president is a decision made by Mubarak to satisfy the American administration.

United States considers Egypt it is main ally in the Arab world in fighting against terrorism, resisting Iranian influence and in keeping peace with Israel.

The most significant signs in the protest were the ones hailing the Tunisian revolution that inspired Egyptians to keep organize protests beginning from January 25th till today, many Tunisian citizens were among the protesters and they were welcomed by Egyptians.

check the rest of the photos here and in this Flickr album :


Tunisia and Egypt united for democracy @Nasry




to see the rest of the photos click that link :

watch a video from the protest :



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3 responses to “Photo Album: Egyptians Protest in New York to End Military Rule

  1. Gulsen

    It will be in The Hague tomorrow!!

  2. Marina

    Nasry! Great work! Gulsen, if you are around, take some photos!

  3. Elif

    Thank you Nasry for sharing these pictures with us!

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