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Photo Album: Egyptians Protest in New York to End Military Rule


By Nasry Esmat

About 1500 protesters,mostly Egyptian Americans, rallied in New York city on Saturday afternoon to show solidarity with protests in Egypt asking to bring down president Hosni Mubarak who has been in his position for 30 years.

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Latest photos from BBC Arabic : Egypt Uprising

BBC Arabic reporter

After blocking all sorts of communication by the Egyptian government on Friday including landline, cell phones, and Internet, some TV stations managed to get video reports from Cairo, here are some of the latest photos from these videos that were broadcast few minutes ago.

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Elections in Egypt: Free, fair and peaceful?


By Marina Ferhatovic and Assaad Thebian

EGYPT. A parliament with no opposition to speak of, media crackdown, fraud allegations and violence. 2010 parliamentary elections gave a landslide victory with 83 percent of the vote to president Mubarak’s National Democratic party (NDP). And set Egypt 15 years back.

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Alexandria Inspires Young Swedish and Arab Leaders

The Participants in YLVP @SI

By Ahmed Esmat

26 young leaders from Sweden and the Arab World participated in a fruitful dialogue hosted by the Library of Alexandria and the Swedish Institute in Egypt’s.

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Get a glimpse of Social Media Café in Cairo



CAIRO. The third Social Media Café, held in Cairo, went beyond organiserss expectations.

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Cyber Hajj Season Begins in Second Life

The Holy Mosque in Second Life

By Hanan Solayman

Getting ready for the Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) season, a virtual training program was launched on, the virtual reality website, to teach Muslims and non Muslims Hajj rituals on a online island.

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Summer camps in Syria bring adolescents new opportunities to grow


By Pawel Krzysiek

A particularly hot summer in Syria has heated youth centres across the country. Whipping up adolescents’ enthusiasm to participate, summer activities offered by UNICEF’s Adolescent Development and Participation (ADAP) Project gave Syrian youth fresh opportunities to grow outside of school time. Continue reading

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