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Communication Solutions for people of Egypt

By Assaad Thebian

Do you want to follow the news on Egypt or share your pictures and experience? Here are some tips on where to look and how to bypass the blockade.

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The Tunisian Online Revolution*

By Assaad Thebian

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The “Jasmine Revolution” or “Cactus Revolution” (names of the ongoing Tunisian Revolution) crowns years of efforts by activists. These activists have used social media in order to get their voice out and show the people around the world what is happening in their “green” (Tunisia nickname) home. In May 2010, a huge campaign called “Free From 404” (Internet language for file not found) was carried out in Tunisia. Twitter hashtags, Facebook profile pictures, articles and videos were created to demonstrate the activists’ refusal of censorship. Continue reading


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Tunisian: “I can’t stop smiling”

By Marina Ferhatovic

TUNISIA. After weeks of protests and violent riots, hacker attacks and failed attempts to pacify the rage of the citizens, Tunisia has overturned a dictator – a turn of events that brings hope for change not only in Tunisia but also among fellow Arabs living under dictatorship. Today we offer you the point of view of Kacem Jlidi, a young activist from Tunisia who hopes that his country will become the first true democracy in the MENA-region.

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French eyes wide shut over Tunisia

Vacation in Tunisia


By Elif Kayi

The weather is cloudy and rainy. It is the beginning of the year and work is already stressful. A colleague is on sick leave and you have to take up her assignments. You really feel like having a break: a nice, quiet, peaceful break, far away from the office and the boss, whose face is turning as grey as the sky in Paris. You are diving into some cocooning mood… You type a few key words on Google. « Cheap+Holiday ». Continue reading


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Morocco Forbids Spanish Journalists’ Entry

By Cristina Rojo

SPAIN. “¿Journalist?, you are not allowed in. We have restrictions until new order”. This is how one Spanish journalist tells about his latest visit to the Spanish border with Morocco, in the neighbouring city of Ceuta. It’s been about a week now since the Moroccan officials at the border started interrupting the entry of Spanish journalists to Morocco, arguing that they have “orders to do so” from Rabat, as local daily Ceuta al día states.

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Video: Zalabia in The Making

watch how they make Zalabia @soumia

By Soumia Alloui

Algeria. EMAJ Magazine visits the city of Boufariq in Algeria trying to unveil the secret of the delicious Zalabia .. Watch the video by clicking on this post. Continue reading

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“Of Men and Gods”: The last years of the Monks of Tibhirine

The Monks of Tibhirine

By Elif Kayi

Cinema. In the night between March 26th and 27th 1996 an armed group kidnapped seven French Cistercian monks living in the monastery of Tibhirine, in the mountains of the Algerian Atlas. Two months later, after unsuccessful negotiations with the French government, the GIA (Armed Islamic Group) announced through a Moroccan radio station the murder of the monks. Their heads were found on May 30th close to the city of Medea. But their bodies remained missing. Continue reading


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