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Latest photos from BBC Arabic : Egypt Uprising

BBC Arabic reporter

After blocking all sorts of communication by the Egyptian government on Friday including landline, cell phones, and Internet, some TV stations managed to get video reports from Cairo, here are some of the latest photos from these videos that were broadcast few minutes ago.

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Video: Icons from Morocco

Asilah, a Phoenician trade base and a Portuguese fort @Mohamed Ezz Aldin

Tanger, Asilah, Casablanca and Rabat are four Moroccan cities represent a cultural mixture between the Mediterranean and North Africa. Mohamed Ezz Aldin, Egyptian photographer and radio presenter, shares with EMAJ magazine his latest video from a recent trip to Africa’s closest point to Europe.

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Follow the Women for Peace

By Aylin Yazan

MIDDLE EAST. Images of Follow The Women, an international movement comprised of approximately 300 ordinary women, from as many as 30 different countries, who support peace and an end to violence in the Middle East.

Music by Mercan Dede and Orient Expressions.


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Three religions, one Holy Land

By Alessandro Di Maio

A trip in images through one of the most interesting parts of the world.

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