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“Even my mom will demonstrate tomorrow”

@Women of Egypt Facebook group

By Marina Ferhatovic

It is not only men’s revolution, assures 25-year-old Dareen Khalifa, who has been demonstrating since day one.

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Roma in Turkey integrating through music

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By Adi Halfon

TURKEY. Wednesday morning’s sun shines on the old crowded buildings of Bostan, a poor neighborhood in the city of Istanbul. Many Romas live in the area. The tea house “Nazlitas” is located in one of the narrow streets. Inside it there are about a dozen of Romas, sitting around plain tables, playing backgammon, drinking tea and watching television. The atmosphere in the place is very masculine and a bit rough. They don’t have normal jobs. Some of them are unemployed, some sell flowers or shine shoes for a living. Others are musicians. That occupation, it appears, is very popular in this community.
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Elections in Egypt: Free, fair and peaceful?


By Marina Ferhatovic and Assaad Thebian

EGYPT. A parliament with no opposition to speak of, media crackdown, fraud allegations and violence. 2010 parliamentary elections gave a landslide victory with 83 percent of the vote to president Mubarak’s National Democratic party (NDP). And set Egypt 15 years back.

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Racism behind attacks on immigrants in Sweden

By Krisztian Gal

SWEDEN. A person hunting immigrants has been caught by the police in Sweden, further fueling the debates on the liberal immigration policy.

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Sexual Harassment Tops Cairo’s Social Media Cafe Agenda


By Nasry Esmat

More than 120 Young Egyptians are expected to gather in Cairo next Friday to celebrate the launch of the third social media café in the Arab World and to take a clear stance against sexual harassment.

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Is Romania a home for immigrants?*

By Luciana Grosu

@Josefin Fischer,, CC-License (by-nc)

In Romania there are about 60 000 legal immigrants, most of them of Arab, Turkish, Chinese and Moldavian origin. The presence of foreign citizens in Romania is a rather unknown phenomenon as neither they, nor the media raise much attention about it. But what do immigrants want from Romania and how do they really feel here? Continue reading

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EMAJ Reporter Luciana Grosu finalist for Anna Lindh Journalist Award

Romanian EMAJ Reporter Luciana Grosu

By Elif Kayi

The short-listed candidates for the 2010 edition of the Anna Lindh Journalist Award will be presented to the International Jury in Monaco on 14th October. Among the candidates for the online category is EMAJ Reporter Luciana Grosu. Her article “Is Romania a home for immigrants” was published on the website of the German Foundation Heinrich-Bölle-Stiftung.

EMAJMagazine talked with the 22-year Romanian journalist about her work, her ideas and her dreams.  Continue reading

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