Anti-Islam: New recipe of French right-wing


"Stop or more? You can choose: Vote!" Campaign poster of the Front National

By Elif Kayi

Since last weekend, the French far-right, anti-immigrant party, Front National, which had been founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, has a new president: The daughter of the founder, Marine Le Pen.

Jean-Yves Camus, political analyst at the Institute of International Relations and Strategy in Paris and expert in right-wing extremism, talked with EMAJ Magazine about the right-wing party and its attitude to Islam and Muslims in France. Continue reading


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Tunisian: “I can’t stop smiling”

By Marina Ferhatovic

TUNISIA. After weeks of protests and violent riots, hacker attacks and failed attempts to pacify the rage of the citizens, Tunisia has overturned a dictator – a turn of events that brings hope for change not only in Tunisia but also among fellow Arabs living under dictatorship. Today we offer you the point of view of Kacem Jlidi, a young activist from Tunisia who hopes that his country will become the first true democracy in the MENA-region.

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French eyes wide shut over Tunisia

Vacation in Tunisia


By Elif Kayi

The weather is cloudy and rainy. It is the beginning of the year and work is already stressful. A colleague is on sick leave and you have to take up her assignments. You really feel like having a break: a nice, quiet, peaceful break, far away from the office and the boss, whose face is turning as grey as the sky in Paris. You are diving into some cocooning mood… You type a few key words on Google. « Cheap+Holiday ». Continue reading


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Winds of “WikiLeaks’ War‎” in the EuroMed press – Part III

Front page of Italian daily La Repubblica

The WikiLeaks’ affair still hits the front page of international daily majors. The New York publisher Alfred A. Knopf recently confirmed that his publishing house had reached a deal with the 39-year-old WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, who is expected to deliver a manuscript in 2011.

After an overview in France, Turkey, Sweden and Egypt, as well as Spain and Romania, EMAJ Magazine offers you to read the reactions in ItalyContinue reading

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Winds of “WikiLeaks’ War‎” in the EuroMed press – Part II

Demonstration supporting Wikileaks in Malaga

The buzz around WikiLeaks’ cables and the website’s founder Julian Assange keep on feeding our media all over the globe. Recently, Facebook 26-year-old founder Mark Zuckerberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2010, beating the popular favourite, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, which lead to a global controversy about the “political” choice of the magazine. Last week Assange, who is still under house arrest and faces an extradition hearing in Janurary, walked out of the London court as a free man.

Last week EMAJ Magazine proposed a first overview of reactions in the EuroMed press with France, Turkey, Sweden and Egypt. Read now the reactions in Romania and Spain.

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Winds of “WikiLeaks’ War‎” in the EuroMed press – Part I

Map of WikiLeaks mirror websites

Four European media were chosen by the website WikiLeaks to receive the 251.287 diplomatic documents of the US-American State Department, written between 2004 and March 2010 for 90% of them: The british daily The Guardian, the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, the Spanish daily El Pais and the French daily Le Monde. The Guardian transmitted the information to the New York Times.

Some journalists have labeled the website attacks surrounding the WikiLeaks controversy to be the first global cyberwar. But no matter how we define it and the outburst around it, the buzz generated by WikiLeaks in the international media, that has already lasted for weeks, seems far from being over yet.

How did the media react to the WikiLeaks publication in their home countries? Here is an overview of reactions in France, Turkey, Sweden and Egypt, gathered by the correspondents of EMAJ Magazine.

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Roma in Turkey integrating through music

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By Adi Halfon

TURKEY. Wednesday morning’s sun shines on the old crowded buildings of Bostan, a poor neighborhood in the city of Istanbul. Many Romas live in the area. The tea house “Nazlitas” is located in one of the narrow streets. Inside it there are about a dozen of Romas, sitting around plain tables, playing backgammon, drinking tea and watching television. The atmosphere in the place is very masculine and a bit rough. They don’t have normal jobs. Some of them are unemployed, some sell flowers or shine shoes for a living. Others are musicians. That occupation, it appears, is very popular in this community.
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