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Photo Album: Egyptians Protest in New York to End Military Rule


By Nasry Esmat

About 1500 protesters,mostly Egyptian Americans, rallied in New York city on Saturday afternoon to show solidarity with protests in Egypt asking to bring down president Hosni Mubarak who has been in his position for 30 years.

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Latest photos from BBC Arabic : Egypt Uprising

BBC Arabic reporter

After blocking all sorts of communication by the Egyptian government on Friday including landline, cell phones, and Internet, some TV stations managed to get video reports from Cairo, here are some of the latest photos from these videos that were broadcast few minutes ago.

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Alexandria Inspires Young Swedish and Arab Leaders

The Participants in YLVP @SI

By Ahmed Esmat

26 young leaders from Sweden and the Arab World participated in a fruitful dialogue hosted by the Library of Alexandria and the Swedish Institute in Egypt’s.

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Videos..How Sexist, Stupid or Racist Political Ads Can be?

photo capture from voting is a pleasure video @emaj

By Cristina Rojo and Nasry Esmat

Can voting be a sexual pleasure? an injection in a patient’s butt? Or a race between religious minority and a senior citizen? .. watch  videos from Spain, Egypt and Sweden and tell us what you think.

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Sexual Harassment Tops Cairo’s Social Media Cafe Agenda


By Nasry Esmat

More than 120 Young Egyptians are expected to gather in Cairo next Friday to celebrate the launch of the third social media café in the Arab World and to take a clear stance against sexual harassment.

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The Tale of a Western “Bint el-Balad”

An English lady and "Bint Balad" @hanansolyman

By Hanan Solayman

Letters of the English writer Lucie Duff Gordon –also known in Arabic as el-Sitt el-Ingiliziya – to her husband represent a unique Muslim-Christian coexistence case .. read how she adopted “Fellaheen” lifestyle until her last breath in Cairo to be buried as “Daughter of the Arab”.

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Wasla .. A printed bridge between Egyptian bloggers and society

Cover of Wasla's first edition @Wasla

By Hanan Solayman

In time of online revolution, a printed magazine plays an important role in bridging the gap between the Egyptian blogsphere and public opinion leaders who are not familiar with blogging.

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