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Swedish Harbours blocking Israeli goods

The harbour of Gothenburg @Hamnarbetareförbundet

By Marina Ferhatovic

For a week now, the harbours in Sweden, have been leaving the goods on ships to and from Israel untouched.

– It is a way for us dock-workers to take a stand, even if it is in a very small way, against the blockade of Gaza and for an independent, international investigation of the Israeli boarding of the Freedom Flotilla, says Erik Helgeson, the trustee of the Swedish Dockworkers Union in Gothenburg to Swedish Television.

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A Lebanese Flotilla is ready to reach Gaza

Julia is one of the ships that will try to sail to Gaza - Source: journaliststogaza.wordpress.com

Julia is one of the ships that will try to sail to Gaza @journaliststogaza.wordpress.com

By Alessandro Di Maio

Almost a month later after the Flotilla incident that caused the death of 9 Turkish activists and diplomatic tensions between Israel and Turkey, a new flotilla could sail on the water of the Mediterranean Sea to break the Israeli naval block on the Gaza Strip. Continue reading


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“Israel’s triple fiasco”: Read francophone press reactions on Flotilla

A Freedom Flotilla ship @freegaza.org Flickr stream

By Elif Kayi

ROUND UP. Most writers in Francophone press in France, Belgium and Switzerland criticized Israel heavily for the attack on Flotilla, while others raised questions related to roles played by Turkey, Hamas and US.

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Stockholm: Thousands demonstrating against the Flotilla attack


By Sami Halabi and Assaad Thebian

The central Sergels Torg square in Stockholm is not the place you would normally expect to hear the words  “stop the blockcade,” or “boycott Israel;” or even “In our souls and with our blood we support you Palestine” in Arabic no less. But that is what happened as thousands of people descended on the square today in support of the “Freedom Flotilla”, the campaign that was a fast reaction after the Israeli commandos shot fire on the ship convoy trying to break Gaza siege.

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Flotilla: Israel endangers its own security

@freegaza.org Flickr stream

By Alessandro Di Maio

OPINION. At present moment the details remain unknown, but it is certain that the consequences of the attack launched this morning to international flotilla direct to Gaza, will mark negatively the already affected Israel’s image in the world. The greatest risk is to lose the traditional and strong alliance with what is now a regional power, Turkey.

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One voice is not enough: How to follow latest news related to Flotilla?

Flotilla @Flickr

By Aylin Yazan and Nasry Esmat

Because one voice is not enough to know the truth, Here is a list of diverse sources to follow news related to Freedom Flotilla and reactions worldwide.

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Several dead on the Freedom Flotilla

By Marina Ferhatovic

The Israel military sources confirmed 10 dead activists on the ship heading to Gaza. Some international media outputs speak of as many as 16. As the news is making headlines across the globe, the two sides are producing contradicting accounts of the events.

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