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Dear Vuvus: We should not forget you!

silence... @runofplay.com

By Elif Kayi

OPINION. After having spoken ill of the French and German national soccer teams in the past weeks, I find it hard not to close this World Cup without reporting on the winner. While I start these lines, the suspense is still at its highest. Who between Spain or the Netherlands is going to be the winner of the World Cup 2010? Anyway, when you read these lines, the whole world will already know… Continue reading



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Dear German national Mannschaft: Are we going to like you?

Turkish-German flag @geotypograpika-com

By Elif Kayi

OPINION. Germany’s most (in)famous terrorist group the Red Army Fraction is no longer active, except on the big screen with the movie of Uli Edel “The Baader Meinhof Complex”, which was released in 2008. But the war is not yet over and not all guns have been put down. Continue reading


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Dear French national team: We will never forgive you!

French trainer Raymond Domenech showing national shirt @starmaillot.com

By Elif Kayi

OPINION. France never really was a soccer nation. Not that they always had poor players or that they never managed good performances on the field. But if one considers soccer also from a socio-cultural point of view, the French never showed a particular enthusiasm for what one usually calls “the round ball”. For decades France figured as a kind of strange animal at the core of a European tradition, which had integrated the culture of penalties and corners into its history long ago.

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European football creates new generation of Egyptian immigrants and ultras

Egyptian fans download and create posters of their favorite teams @filgoal.com

By Nasry Esmat

For Millions of Bayern Munich fans, 23rd of May 2001 was a tremendous night celebrating their 4th European champions league title but for the Egyptian loyal fan Shady Amir this day was the reason he wanted to immigrate to Germany. Continue reading


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