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The Tunisian Online Revolution*


By Assaad Thebian

The article was previously published on hibr.me

The “Jasmine Revolution” or “Cactus Revolution” (names of the ongoing Tunisian Revolution) crowns years of efforts by activists. These activists have used social media in order to get their voice out and show the people around the world what is happening in their “green” (Tunisia nickname) home. In May 2010, a huge campaign called “Free From 404” (Internet language for file not found) was carried out in Tunisia. Twitter hashtags, Facebook profile pictures, articles and videos were created to demonstrate the activists’ refusal of censorship. Continue reading



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Elections in Egypt: Free, fair and peaceful?


By Marina Ferhatovic and Assaad Thebian

EGYPT. A parliament with no opposition to speak of, media crackdown, fraud allegations and violence. 2010 parliamentary elections gave a landslide victory with 83 percent of the vote to president Mubarak’s National Democratic party (NDP). And set Egypt 15 years back.

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Dear Vuvus: We should not forget you!

silence... @runofplay.com

By Elif Kayi

OPINION. After having spoken ill of the French and German national soccer teams in the past weeks, I find it hard not to close this World Cup without reporting on the winner. While I start these lines, the suspense is still at its highest. Who between Spain or the Netherlands is going to be the winner of the World Cup 2010? Anyway, when you read these lines, the whole world will already know… Continue reading


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