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Ramadan in USA: “Now I Know how it feels to be a minority”

Halal food restaurant @Hanan Solayman

By Hanan Solayman

“Now I know how it feels like to be a minority”, I thought to myself in the very first days of Ramadan. I was spending Muslims’ holiest month fasting when people are eating and I’ve been eating when everybody else is done. Continue reading



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“I don’t know if I lost my way or not”


By Ahmed Esmat Aly

NETHERLANDS. Ismail Ahmed El Mazyen or ‘NINJA’ as his customers call him in Amsterdam, married a Dutch woman, has three kids and makes a living out of catering with halal food.

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Halal… inclusion or seclusion?

NETHERLANDS. Riding the wave of the expanding global halal market industry – estimated to have reached a worth of US$ 580 billion in 2008 – communication arts company KasehDia will hold this November the first World Halal Forum in Europe.

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