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Sexual Harassment Tops Cairo’s Social Media Cafe Agenda


By Nasry Esmat

More than 120 Young Egyptians are expected to gather in Cairo next Friday to celebrate the launch of the third social media café in the Arab World and to take a clear stance against sexual harassment.

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Wasla .. A printed bridge between Egyptian bloggers and society

Cover of Wasla's first edition @Wasla

By Hanan Solayman

In time of online revolution, a printed magazine plays an important role in bridging the gap between the Egyptian blogsphere and public opinion leaders who are not familiar with blogging.

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Aleppo to be the first child friendly city in MENA

Syrian children playing indoors @Pawel Krzysiek

By Elsy Melkonian

Children are expected to be leading a happy life. Yet, for eight year old Basel Saeed, happiness is still not a part of his life, “I like Aleppo, but I hate being deprived of lovely parks to play football with my friends. Roads are too dangerous to ride bikes. I want to have fun and I want to be happy”.

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European football creates new generation of Egyptian immigrants and ultras

Egyptian fans download and create posters of their favorite teams @filgoal.com

By Nasry Esmat

For Millions of Bayern Munich fans, 23rd of May 2001 was a tremendous night celebrating their 4th European champions league title but for the Egyptian loyal fan Shady Amir this day was the reason he wanted to immigrate to Germany. Continue reading


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