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Jerusalem, first Friday prayers of Ramadan end peacefully

Muslim people going to Al-Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem) for the First Friday Prayers of Ramadan 2010 - Photo by Alessandro Di Maio

Report and photos by Alessandro Di Maio

Jesusalem. The first Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month ended uneventfully today.  Although over 90,000 Muslims participated in the religious event in the Old City of Jerusalem, the crowds dispersed as soon as the prayers were over.

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14 Voices You need to hear before judging French ban on the Burqa

@Nasry Esmat

By Nasry Esmat and Elif Kayi

ROUND UP. The lower house of the French Parliament passed a ban on the so-called “full-face veil” (sometimes presented as “burqa”, “burqu” or “niqab” in the press ; please not that we will mainly use the word “burqu” in the text) last Tuesday. Diverse voices in France and the Muslim world had opposed or supported the decision even if many of them do not believe that face cover is a religious duty… And because EMAJ magazine strongly believes that one voice is not enough, here are extracts from 14 opinions published in 3 languages about this controversial decision.

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