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Alexandria Inspires Young Swedish and Arab Leaders

The Participants in YLVP @SI

By Ahmed Esmat

26 young leaders from Sweden and the Arab World participated in a fruitful dialogue hosted by the Library of Alexandria and the Swedish Institute in Egypt’s.

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Videos..How Sexist, Stupid or Racist Political Ads Can be?

photo capture from voting is a pleasure video @emaj

By Cristina Rojo and Nasry Esmat

Can voting be a sexual pleasure? an injection in a patient’s butt? Or a race between religious minority and a senior citizen? .. watch  videos from Spain, Egypt and Sweden and tell us what you think.

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Stockholm: Thousands demonstrating against the Flotilla attack


By Sami Halabi and Assaad Thebian

The central Sergels Torg square in Stockholm is not the place you would normally expect to hear the words  “stop the blockcade,” or “boycott Israel;” or even “In our souls and with our blood we support you Palestine” in Arabic no less. But that is what happened as thousands of people descended on the square today in support of the “Freedom Flotilla”, the campaign that was a fast reaction after the Israeli commandos shot fire on the ship convoy trying to break Gaza siege.

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