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Ground Zero Mosque: Test of tolerance towards Islam?

Protest against Ground Zero mosque project @Aylin Yazan

By Aylin Yazan

New York. In the last months the discussion around Islam in the U.S. has become more heated as never before. The main reason for the new controversy is the now famous planned Islamic center, close to once World Trade Center in New York, which was hit in 2001 by the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 and is now known under the name of Ground Zero. Continue reading


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Ramadan in USA: “Now I Know how it feels to be a minority”

Halal food restaurant @Hanan Solayman

By Hanan Solayman

“Now I know how it feels like to be a minority”, I thought to myself in the very first days of Ramadan. I was spending Muslims’ holiest month fasting when people are eating and I’ve been eating when everybody else is done. Continue reading


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