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Jerusalem, first Friday prayers of Ramadan end peacefully

Muslim people going to Al-Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem) for the First Friday Prayers of Ramadan 2010 - Photo by Alessandro Di Maio

Report and photos by Alessandro Di Maio

Jesusalem. The first Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month ended uneventfully today.  Although over 90,000 Muslims participated in the religious event in the Old City of Jerusalem, the crowds dispersed as soon as the prayers were over.

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Holy Land gets prepared for Ramadan

Muslim woman going to pray to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem - Photo by Alesandro Di Maio

Report and Photos by Alessandro Di Maio

Israel. In a few hours, just after the sun sets and three stars appear in the sky above the Holy Land, Ramadan will start and many Muslims families will start praying and reading the Koran in a festive atmosphere.

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Israelis support Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah

Article and photos by Alessandro Di Maio

Tel Aviv. Over a thousand people took to the streets of Tel Aviv last Friday (6 August) to protest against the evictions of Arab families from a predominantly Arab neighbourhood in East Jerusalem known as Sheikh Jarrah.

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A Lebanese Flotilla is ready to reach Gaza

Julia is one of the ships that will try to sail to Gaza - Source: journaliststogaza.wordpress.com

Julia is one of the ships that will try to sail to Gaza @journaliststogaza.wordpress.com

By Alessandro Di Maio

Almost a month later after the Flotilla incident that caused the death of 9 Turkish activists and diplomatic tensions between Israel and Turkey, a new flotilla could sail on the water of the Mediterranean Sea to break the Israeli naval block on the Gaza Strip. Continue reading


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Freedom Flotilla to Gaza: Delayed but not stopping

@freegaza.org Flickr stream

By Marina Ferhatovic

Freedom Flotilla, a group of ships from various countries, including Ireland, Turkey and Greece, started their journey towards the Gaza strip, carrying over 700 activists, diplomats, politicians and journalists, as well as about 10,000 tons of aid.

The goal of the voyage is said to be breaking the maritime blockade on the Gaza Strip.

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