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Video: Zalabia in The Making

watch how they make Zalabia @soumia

By Soumia Alloui

Algeria. EMAJ Magazine visits the city of Boufariq in Algeria trying to unveil the secret of the delicious Zalabia .. Watch the video by clicking on this post. Continue reading


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Ramadan: To fast or not to fast


By Elif Kayi

Opinion. In the past week weeks EMAJ Magazine has tried to present various aspects of Ramadan: Personal experiences, economic and social trends, cultural specificities. EMAJ published i.e. the testimony of a young Egyptian who declared being revolted by the “consumption excesses” during the period of Ramadan nowadays. We also read about the difficulties for Muslims in Western countries to observe the fasting and find halal products. Continue reading

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Ramadan in USA: “Now I Know how it feels to be a minority”

Halal food restaurant @Hanan Solayman

By Hanan Solayman

“Now I know how it feels like to be a minority”, I thought to myself in the very first days of Ramadan. I was spending Muslims’ holiest month fasting when people are eating and I’ve been eating when everybody else is done. Continue reading


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Algerians can’t give up “El Zalabia” during Ramadan

El Zalabia: An Algerian passion, @picasaweb license

By Soumia Alloui

Algeria. If you visit the city of Boufariq (40 Km western of Algiers the capital) and you do see long queues of fasting Algerians stand under the sun rays waiting for their turn to buy something made in secret,don’t be surprised! .. They want their share of “El Zalabia”. Continue reading

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The Holy Month as seen by a Secular Egyptian

why every single citzen stock up all sorts of food? @wikimedia

By Sonia Farid

Cairo, Egypt. The frenzy that precedes the advent of the holy month makes you think the country is on the brink of war and every single citizen needs to stock up on all kinds of foodstuffs before going down to the trench.

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Italy: Ramadan purifies Sara’s life and helps her lose weight

Sara Idrissi @Eugenia Durante

By Eugenia Durante

Genoa, Italy. Sara Idrissi is a 20 years old young woman born in Italy to Moroccan parents. She received a full Islamic education and when I asked her if she had ever been subject of discrimination because of it, she quickly replied: “No”.

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How “Freaky” is Fasting Ramadan?

a mosque in city of Columbia, state of Missouri, USA @nasry esmat

By Nasry Esmat

USA. “Can’t you even drink water?” said one of my American friends with a surprised face, I replied with a smile: “No I can’t”. Another friend asked : “Is it ok for you to work while fasting?” I replied by saying : “Yes for sure, I am used to working during Ramadan” , all while in my mind I was wondering if my worst fears were coming true.

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